12 oz. Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

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Style: Whole Bean

Our 12 oz., 100% Arabica Bean, medium roast decaf coffee is distinctively flavorful with subtle notes of floral sweetness followed by a soft bite of citrus. It is made with a Swiss Water Process that is water-based and doesn't use any chemicals, making the process 100% organic. Coffee that is organic-certified before going through the process will also remain organic-certified. By using the Swiss Water Process, the integrity of the coffee and its characteristics remain intact. All of this makes our medium decaf a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee.

Style: Whole Bean
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Single Origin
100% Arabica Bean
LGBTQIA+ Owned and Operated

About Our Decaf Roast

Origin Country:

Costa Rica



Elevation Range:

~4,000 feet

Processing Method:

Swiss Water